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Group treatment for back and joints according to the Bubnovsky method

in Moscow is real!
for groups from 10 to 15 people

Group treatment at the Bubnovsky Center can be very effective for people from different countries united by the common goal of restoring health and well-being. The Bubnovsky Center offers an innovative treatment method based on using the patient's own body weight as the main tool for restoring bodily functions.
Group therapy allows participants to exchange experiences, receive support and inspiration from other people facing similar issues. Participation in group sessions contributes to strengthening morale and emotional state, as well as increasing motivation to achieve set goals.

For groups from abroad, such treatment can not only be an opportunity to restore health, but also a chance to get acquainted with the culture and customs of other countries, as well as strengthen international connections and friendships.

The Bubnovsky Center is a place where every participant has the opportunity not only to restore their health, but also to find new friends, support, and inspiration for future achievements. Such experiential treatment can bring astonishing results and become the beginning of a new, healthy life.
Why did more than 2 million people entrust their health to the Dr. Bubnovsky Center in Moscow?

  • Effectively
    An effective set of activities to get rid of pain and return to a healthy active life
  • Individual approach
    Assistance in performing exercises and accompanying each patient on the way to recovery
  • Without pills and operations
    Treatment without pills and operations.
    Assistance on the day of the patient's treatment
  • 30 years of experience
    More than 150 centers in Russia and the world
Doctor's consultation

+ Diagnostics of muscles and joints

+ Diagnostics on S.M. Bubnovsky's patented simulators
+ Preparation of an individual treatment program without pills and operations

Get a detailed consultation and get rid of the pain without medication and surgery.
Special offer
for groups from 10 to 15 people:
We have prepared a special offer especially for everyone who wants to undergo treatment at the
Dr. Bubnovsky center in Moscow
Offer 1
21 000 RUB
  • Participation in diagnostic seminar by Bubnovsky's
  • 3 classes on the Bubnovsky method
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Offer 2
23 500 RUB
  • Participation in diagnostic seminar by Bubnovsky's
  • Ultrasound of the joints/spine (1 zone)
  • 3 classes on the Bubnovsky method
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Offer 3
48 000 RUB
  • Participation in diagnostic seminar by Bubnovsky's
  • Ultrasound of the joints/spine (1 zone)
  • Magnetic therapy (3 sessions)
  • Shock wave therapy (3 sessions)
  • 3 classes on the Bubnovsky method
  • 1 lesson with home equipment (training)
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What is included in the comprehensive diagnosis?
Myofascial diagnosis
During the myofascial diagnosis, the doctor evaluates the condition of the deep muscles and joint mobility.

Doctor's consultation and diagnosis
Analysis of medical history, instrumental research methods (MRI, CT, X-ray) and collection of complaints, as well as drawing up an individual recovery program, recommendations on the training regime.
Ultrasound diagnostics of the spine and joints
It is an additional service. It is performed at the request of the patient.
Diagnostic lesson
using the Bubnovsky S.M. method
Functional testing on the author's MTB simulator (patent No. 23106) under the supervision of a methodologist instructor. (Performing therapeutic exercises.)
We recommend taking it with you for a consultation:
  • Medical documentation:
    • For back pain, an MRI or CT scan (magnetic resonance or computed tomography) of the problem area
    • In case of joint pain, X–rays of the corresponding joints
    • If there are concomitant diseases, an extract from the medical history or an outpatient card
  • Sportswear
    Socks, shoes (rubber slippers or gym shoes)
  • Two towels
    For the gym and for the sauna
  • Shower accessories
Dr. Bubnovsky Center on Aviamotornaya
Russian Federation,
Moscow, Aviamotornaya str., 10k2
(Aviamotornaya metro station, 300 meters)
Business center "Avia Plaza", 4th floor
Phone number: +7 495 968 99 80

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License to carry out medical activities
No. LO-77-01-021242 from 06/07/2021
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